Rendevouz At The Opera

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Dimensions: 56.0 x 76.0 cm

Framed: -


Edition – 6/30

Artist Info – Rona Green
Born in 1972 in Geelong Australia, Rona Green is best known for her figurative printmaking, painting, drawing and soft sculptures, which she refers to as poppets, depicting human-animal hybrids.
Greens’ area of specialty is printmaking and she has utilised various techniques such as monotype, collograph, linocut, etching, lithography, screenprint, woodcut, wood engraving and digital printing. Green’s favoured medium is hand coloured linocut prints.
Transformation is a recurrent theme in Green’s art. Her pictures of anthropomorphic figures with decorated bodies celebrate individuals’ ability to create identity, adopt alter egos and embrace otherness. She champions misfits, outcasts and outsiders – those on the fringe of society. Humour is also an integral part of Green’s work.

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Dimensions 56.0 × 76.0 cm

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