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At The Art and Objects Salon, we consider it important that you enjoy the experience, buy what you love and surround yourself with it.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you. Explore our range of art online.

Art and Objects Salon offers new and established art collectors the opportunity to acquire original and limited-edition prints, along with other artworks and complementary objects.

A collectable piece can reflect your style and personality and can be purchased as a treasured asset, to be handed on to family members, friends or purely as an investment.

Visit the salon, situated in the historic Club Hotel in Fraser Street, Clunes, or browse through our online catalogue of artworks and one-off items.

Clunes is just 130 km from the Melbourne CBD and is an ideal destination to visit with it’s renowned heritage streetscape, village atmosphere and cafes.

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We have created online gift vouchers so you can give the gift of art for a special occasion to the ones you love.
We want to help you and the ones close to you surround yourselves with the things they love.

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In The Gallery

Dean Bowen

In the Art+Objects Salon gallery in Clunes we are currently showcasing a collection of works by Dean Bowen.

Dean Bowen’s works are vibrant in colour and composition with quirky representations of people, objects and animals. While they come with a good dose of humor Dean makes point of everyday struggles and triumphs.

Featured Artists

The Empress

Yosi Messiah

Fast, free, bold and exuberant with a vibrant collection of characters and a maelstrom of emotions. Sydney based Yosi Messiahs paintings are an exciting visual experience.


Graham Fransella

Widely recognised as an abstract and figurative painter and printmaker Graham Fransella likes to engage the eye with drawings that are spontaneous that appear simple, initially, but reveal more through contemplation.

The Story Teller

David Larwill

Exuberant, full of colour and life. David Larwill was an observer of the street, the community and the landscape and is an important figure in contemporary painting.