robert jacks

Robert Jacks AO widely recognised as an Australian Abstract painter, sculptor and printmaker.

“Having invented a language of forms that suits his needs, he is continually refining, adjusting- his manner of expression. Jacks has often been called a Romantic, even though his work is vigorously abstract, and has been closely aligned with minimalism and colour-field painting.” – John McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday March 15th, 1997

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Born in Melbourne Victoria 1943

Died in Castlemaine Victoria 2014

Jacks studied sculpture from 1958 to 1960 at the Prahran Technical College, Melbourne, and painting in 1961 and 1962 at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (now RMIT University).

In 1966 he had his first solo exhibition at Gallery A, Melbourne from which a work was purchased for the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. In 1968, he participated in ‘The Field’ an extremely influential exhibition at the new National Gallery of Victoria, which effectively launched color field abstraction in Australia.

He taught at Rochedale College, Toronto before moving to New York City in 1969. He returned to Melbourne in 1978 to be artist-in-residence at the University of Melbourne.
His mature work, while emerging out of the international abstract ‘color field’ movement of the late ’60s, retains an ambiguous link to the representation of appearances, especially of objects in space.


Robert Jacks was the winner of many art awards and prizes, he has exhibited consistently in Australia since 1966 in more than 50 solo exhibitions, including retrospectives.

In 2001 the Bendigo Art Gallery established the Robert Jacks Drawing Prize. In 2006, he was named an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO).