(Jay) Carnegie Muir is an Australian artist who has developed a uniquely recognisable style. His artworks bear motifs from Australian culture featuring Koalas, and he says that Australia is his muse, and Koalastralia is his creative expression. Jay’s unique solarplate etchings are his specialty, where he combines his love of koalas, portraiture, surrealism & drawing.
The solarplate etching technique is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional etching, which can be a dangerous and toxic process. Jay hand prints using Akua Intaglio ink and etching paper by Hahnemuhle, who have been making paper since 1584!


Born in Scotland United Kingdom

Lives in Benalla Victoria Australia

When he was just 5 years old, Jay moved from Scotland to Australia and that’s the point at which he recognised himself as an artist.
As he matured, Jay refined his figures and now they have swapped into being more human than Koala. His recent works are narrative based, they explain to us what’s represented and tell a story about the main characters. We can easily understand that if we read the title of each one.
Muir actually named his artworks in an interesting and unique way. They were named by the main motif that was represented, but also have an addition in the title (most commonly in brackets) that more explains what’s going on such as Lost (in amazement) or Made (From local & Imported Ingredients) and so on.

Drawing in his sketchbooks actually represents dreaming on paper and the act helps him to overcome any barrier to inspiration, especially when stories start to form. When he creates a new work, a couple of words that he received as a comment on one of his artworks on Instagram page serve as a guideline. Examples of comments are “quirky, clever and joyful”

Koala-stralia art started off in a style that we know from Colombian artist Fernando Botero who painted cute, fleshy figures. Jay creates similar figures, however, they have one more quality: they were more ‘Koala’ than human.
Another artist who has impacted on Muir’s work is Hieronymus Bosch, whose extraordinary creativity amazes and inspires Muir. Currently, he finds the internet, with its sea of imagery, music, and knowledge the most
inspiring source of inspiration.