Recognisable by his distinctive and exuberant style based on bold colour, stylised figures and simplified form David Larwill was a founding member of Roar Studios in 1982.

Although best known as a figurative expressionist painter, Larwill was also a draughtsman and printmaker of note.

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Born in Ballarat (1956 – 2011)

David Larwill is a distinctive and charismatic figure of Australian art. He rose to prominence as a co-founder of Roar Studios. Founded in 1982 on Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Roar Studios represented one of Melbourne’s earliest and fiercest artist-run-initiatives and included fellow artists Mark Schaller, Sarah Faulkner, Jill Noble, Andrew Ferguson, Karan Hayman, Mark Howson, Mike Nicholls, Pasquale Giardino, Peter Ferguson, Richard Birmingham, Judi Singleton and Margaret McNamara.

In his role, Larwill devised an innovative expressionist style which eschewed aesthetic conventions. While populated with naive childlike forms, his work blazes with a raw, primal energy as crosses themes both grand and trivial.


David Larwill ‘s work is currently represented in public collections including the

National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Victoria